Network Security Expert FAQ


Online training classes are available on the NSE Institute. Log in to the NSE Institute, and then go to the Library.
NSE 1-2 and NSE 4-7 are available online as a self-paced training or as virtual Instructor-led training.

NSE 3 is also available online but is restricted to Fortinet Business Partners and Fortinet Employees.

All courses are available online except for FortiDDoS training, which is a hardware-based course available as classroom training with hands-on lab activities, or self-paced online without lab demo.
Once you are logged into the NSE Institute,

  1. Go to Library, select the course you want to enroll in
  2. Click on the “Enroll Now” red box at the right side of the screen
  3. Voilá, you are now enrolled in the self-paced version of that course.
Check the schedule here.
Facilitated Labs are led by instructors. In a Facilitated Lab, students perform the lab exercises, then an instructor reviews them for correctness/completeness.

Lab Demos are presented by instructors, students watch the instructor perform the lab exercises.
Attending a course does not mean you are certified. You will be given a course completion certificate and not an exam certificate. Your course completion certificate is available in your Completed Courses Dashboard in the NSE Institute.
Contact your regional training coordinators to request an account transfer. In your email, provide your old and new email addresses to facilitate the transfer. If your new company is part of the Fortinet Partner Program, please make sure you have already signed up to the Partner Portal.
All enrollments are available in the NSE Institute Dashboard. Students need to log in first.
  • When a student is enrolled in a FortiGate Security or FortiGate Infrastructure lab, a notification is sent by email as soon as the enrollment is complete.
  • When Fortinet receives the purchase order from their partner, including their contact information, for specific classroom training, Fortinet immediately sends candidates a confirmation of purchase. Then, 14 days before the training starts, candidates will receive a classroom-based training confirmation with the training address, office access information, and some logistics details.
  • For vILTs or facilitated labs, an enrollment reminder will be sent by the instructor five days before the training begins.
If you are unable to attend a class that you registered for, notify as soon as you can your regional training coordinator before the class begins to be removed from the session.

Learn more about our Training Cancellation Policy.
If you are unable to attend a class that you registered for, notify as soon as you can your regional training coordinator before the class begins to be removed from the session.
  • If you are enrolled in a course who will soon be decommissioned, you will have 6 months to finish your training.
  • You won’t be able to register in a former version if the update has been released.
Check here our Cancellation Policies.
Partners must sign up first to FNDN with the same email they used to obtain the NSE7 credentials. Partner will require a sponsor to get access to FNDN.
Partners will have to sign up for an FNDN account if they haven’t done so before to be able to access FortiDemo.

As part of the standard FNDN registration process they will need to provide the emails of 2 Fortinet employees as their sponsors. Access to FNDN will be granted after the sponsors and admin have approved the account. More details about the registration process can be found in the FNDN FAQ

Partners should be using the email address associated with their NSE certification for their FNDN account. Once the FNDN account has been approved they will be able to access FortiDemo. They can use the “Contact Us” link for account related issues, which can be found at the bottom of the FNDN website.


All Fortinet certification exams must be taken at a Pearson VUE testing center.

First, you must purchase an exam voucher. There are two ways to purchase your NSE Exams (levels 4-7 and 8 written only):

  1. Credit Card (recommended). On the same transaction, you can purchase an exam voucher and book the exam directly on the Pearson VUE web site.
  2. Purchase Order. Locate a Fortinet reseller near to you. After receipt of the exam voucher, which will take some time, you may go to the Pearson VUE web site and book the exam.
Enter the exam voucher number on the payment page at the end of the booking process (Proceed to Checkout section).
Pearson VUE’s Fortinet ID is generated by Pearson VUE when you take a Fortinet exam with them. It has the following format: FORT123456

If it’s the first time you are going to take a Fortinet certification exam at Pearson VUE, you most likely don’t have one yet, so just leave it blank and they will assign you one.
Once you passed successfully the NSE 8 written exam at Pearson VUE, you will be allowed to take the practical part. You must purchase your seat through your local reseller. Once you have successfully paid your seat, the regional training team will contact you to organize your exam.

The NSE8 practical exam is an in person exam. Please contact your regional coordinator for more locations information.
Your NSE Exam certificates are available in your NSE Institute Profile. Your Specialist Exam certificates will be available in your completed courses Dashboard.
The time required to prepare for any level of the NSE program depends on the time a candidate spends studying, the experience they possess, and aptitude.

Candidates can potentially complete lower levels of the program quickly. The mid to upper-level technical levels of NSE 4-7 require a greater investment in time and resources in order to attend more formal training, proctored labs, and exams.

NSE 8, depending on the candidate’s experience, can require many months of preparation. NSE 8 is the expert-level, assessment-only part of the program and is intended only for very experienced technical professionals.
Log into Fortinet’s NSE Institute and then, go to your Profile. You’ll see your earned NSE badges (logos) and NSE Certifications for you to download or print.
Alternatively, you can go to your Dashboard and then click Completed. You’ll see your earned NSE Certifications listed in your completed dashboard.
NSE 1 certificate is available within two hours of completing the last qualifying course.

NSE 4, 5, 6 and 7 certificates earned through Pearson VUE will appear in your profile within five business days after passing your exam.

NSE 8 certification is awarded after the candidate passes both the written and the practical exams. NSE 8 written exam results will not be reflected on the NSE Institute. The candidate will receive a document showing the overall results: pass or fail. No further detail is provided. After the candidate passes the NSE 8 practical exam, the NSE 8 certification will be visible in the candidate’s profile approximately one month later.
Fortinet does not offer NSE 8 courses, however, the NSE 8 Public Handbook is a guide the candidate can use to identify gaps in and improve their knowledge:

NSE Institute

If you are a customer, end user or public user, please Sign Up first using your company email address, then log in here.

If you are a partner, always log in through the Partner Portal.

Do not use your personal email address or an alias.
For end users, public users and customers, please use this link to reset your password.

Fortinet partners must always access their training accounts via the partner portal and do not have passwords for training.
Log in to the NSE Institute and click on your Dashboard.

  • To see courses you are enrolled in, and the self-paced lessons you have started. Click "In Progress"
  • To see courses you have finished click "Completed"
  • You can enroll for the NSE 1-2 courses and exams using a public account. NSE 3 is restricted to business partners and Fortinet employees.
  • For NSE 4-7 courses, your regional training coordinator will enroll you in the requested class:; or once the purchase order has been received.

Contact Us

If you have further questions about the NSE Program please contact your regional training team:
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