Develop a foundational understanding of the ever-increasing threat landscape and of general network security concepts. Pass all courses to earn your NSE 1 certificate.

NSE 1: Fortinet Corporate Overview

This lesson describes Fortinet’s mission; surveys its history, market position, and technological vision; and summarizes its solutions, products, services, support, and training offerings.

NSE 1 - Threat Landscape and Network Security

This lesson lays the foundational knowledge of network security threats and solutions, and prepares you for a more detailed discussion about solutions in succeeding lessons.

NSE 1 - Data Center Firewall

This lesson introduces the role that data center firewalls play in securing data centers, managing network traffic, and maintaining network performance.

NSE 1 - Next Generation Firewall

This lesson explores how the attributes of the next generation firewall (NGFW) provide a more penetrating, holistic, and sophisticated response to advanced and emerging threats while simplifying firewall management.

NSE 1 - Unified Threat Management

This lesson explains how unified threat management (UTM) simplifies the management of network security and denotes its other features, such as application control, quality of service (QoS), SSL/SSH inspection, and much more.

NSE 1 - Application Security

This lesson expounds on how the application security solution mitigates the threats posed by bots, ransomware, advanced persistent threats (APTs), viruses, and spam.

NSE 1 - Management and Analytics

This lesson explains how the management and analytics solution detects network security weaknesses, applies consistent security policies and device configurations, leverages automated remediation of vulnerabilities, and otherwise scales to network requirements as demand fluctuates.

NSE 1: Wireless Concepts

This overview of wireless networking provides a grounding in the concepts that are used to discuss wireless technologies.

NSE 1: Introduction to Cloud Security

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to describe the concepts and terminology pertaining to cloud security.