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  • Public Cloud ONLINE US Central Time - August 25-26, 2020|1598364000|1598479200|public-cloud|online|August 25th-August 26th, 2020|online, online|09:00-17:00 (America/Chicago)
  • Public Cloud 6.0 ONLINE US Central Time - July 14-15, 2020|1594735200|1594850400|public-cloud|online|July 14th-July 15th, 2020|online, US|09:00-17:00 (America/Chicago)
  • Public Cloud Security 6.0 ONLINE FR - Paris time UTC+2 - June 16-17, 2020|1592287200|1592402400|public-cloud|online|June 16th-June 17th, 2020|online, France|08:00-16:00 (Europe/Paris)
  • Public Cloud 6.0 ONLINE US Central June 16-17, 2020|1592323200|1592438400|public-cloud|online|June 16th-June 17th, 2020|online, US|11:00-19:00 (America/Chicago)
  • Public Cloud 6.0 - ONLINE US Central Time January 21-22, 2020|1579618800|1579734000|public-cloud|

    In this advanced, hands-on, two-day class, you will learn about the different components that make up the infrastructures of the top public cloud providers, and the security challenges these environments present, including high availability (HA), auto-scaling, software-defined network (SDN) connectors, and how to manage traffic in the cloud with Fortinet products.

    |January 21st-January 22nd, 2020|, US|15:00-23:00 (Europe/London)